Summer Travel Tips

Safeguard against crime and other issues by taking the following precautions:

Stop your mail and newspaper delivery. If your mailbox is overflowing while you are away, criminals will be alerted that you aren’t home. If you don’t have a friend who will be bringing in your mail, contact the post office to temporarily suspend delivery. Do the same with your newspaper — if you are one of the few who still actually gets the paper delivered.
Keep quiet. Although it is tempting, you don’t need to broadcast (especially on sites like Facebook) that you are going to be traveling. You never know who is going to be reading or listening. Instead, tell a few trusted neighbors so that they can keep an eye on your house.
Make it look like you are home. Set up an electric timer to turn lights on at various time to trick potential intruders into thinking you are at home. Set the timer to reflect your normal routine.
Consider shutting off gas and water. If you are going to be gone an extended period of time, consider shutting off your utilities to avoid potential flooding, fire or gas leaks.