Working Together

Most people who walk into our office and see us working together say that they could never work
with their husband or wife. We have had many concerned eyebrows raised in our direction over the
years as Emily has taken on more and more responsibility at Cox Insurance. To these people we say
that running a business together is a thousand times easier than raising teenagers! The good news is that working together is giving us lots of lessons in communication. The bad news is that working together is giving us lots of lessons in communication.  The lesson that we are learning lately is that the other person
cannot mind read. We are both guilty of thinking that the other person should just know what we are feeling and wanting.  Maybe you can relate? This would be an amazing realty to live in but we don’t know anyone who has a partner with this type of super power. We are both working on adjusting our expectations, saying what we are thinking, feeling, doing AND listening when the other person is talking. We both want to support each other, raise up our business, and offer care and safety to our clients. Each day that we come to work with this intention, it works out. When we forget and get going too fast it gets much more difficult. We would both say that despite a few rough moments, overall it has been a good thing.